In the name of the Father…

It has been a very long time since I have written a blog post…. whoops. Life happens. I think this is the introduction to every single blog post I have written.

I mainly wanted to write this because frankly, I have too much to say to make a sentimental Instagram caption, Facebook post, or Tweet. I have too many words that I need to say. Lets start with this. School is almost over for the year…. whaaaatt?!?!?! I have grown so much as an individual this year and I owe that to all of my lovely friends. I am excited that the school year is almost over, except… that also means I am that much closer to being a real ADULT, which means I have to do real adult things. Wish me luck with that.

But the other half of me is excited that college will fly by because I am looking forward to life. I am pumped about choosing where to live, maybe having a family, and pursuing careers and a lifestyle not dependent on other people, just me and God. It will be interesting, but I am excited. If you’re wondering what I do in my free time, I look at apartments in cities all over the United States. I am fully aware that none of them will still be for sale/rent when I am moving…but still. Its fun.

Okay, now for the bigger chunk of this blog post; I got baptized last night. As an act of obedience, I publicly devoted my life to the Father. So many people came out to support me. My life group, family, and friends were all present to watch this life event unfold. Of course, Kyra w10421383_766970506752448_8982704782016688992_nas there. She baptized me! Kyra has been a leader, teacher, role model, and friend. I remember sitting on my chair in my living room in Louisburg when I received the K-State email that told me who I would room with. When I read “Kyra Treadwell” I was like…. who is that? I was a little sad, because I had planned on rooming with someone else, but it didn’t go through (obviously.) When IMG_2637.JPGI met Kyra, I was pretty terrified that we wouldn’t get along. She looks so dainty and proper. When I first met her, we talked for a moment and then she left our room to go to the store. I immediately sighed because I am so weird, and she seemed so….classy. I thought we would completely clash. Good thing I was wrong. Kyra has lead me to Christ. I have come to know Him through her actions and watching her live. She is lovely. These photos sum it all up.

I have a little bit to say about everyone who was there for me last night at my baptism. I didn’t get an individual photo with everyone, but I did get a group photo.


Lauren – You are so kind hearted and gentle. You are such a great leader for this life group. I can honestly tell you that I feel so comfortable in your presence, you give off a vibe that makes me feel like I can tell you absolutely anything and you would give me the best advice you possibly could, and then hug me. It’s comfort. You’re fantastic for juggling life, school, and this life group.
Kyra – My sweet friend. You baptized me! Better yet, you didn’t drown me. 🙂 I know there was a third party in this whole roommate situation. It wasn’t by chance. You seriously helped me evolve into who I am today. I can’t thank you enough. Keep being your beautiful self. There isn’t a lot of people I would get toilet water in my mouth for, so you must be something special.
IMG_2648Annie – Oh Annie! You are such a spunky woman. I love that about you. You have such a warm smile, I feel so at peace when I open up to you. You have some amazing hair that I can never stop being in love with, as well as a personality that I can never stop being in love with. Never stop being Annie…or Joanna or whatever your real name is… 🙂
Anna – You are so amazing, Anna! You are always supportive, and although sometimes Psychology class is a struggle for the both of us (for me; showing up. for you; dropping your pen, water bottle, or anything else), I enjoy seeing your smiling face every time. That smile could light up any room. You’re so joyful every time I am near you, and it is definitely contagious.
Katie – You are so wise. You don’t speak often but when you do, it leaves ME speechless. You speak beautiful words, and you rock the pixie cut better than anyone I have ever met. I love how daring you are, because I wouldn’t expect it from you, which makes it even better. You also rock the fake mustache better than anyone I have ever met. 🙂
IMG_2649Lara – Yes, I call you Mom because I am very strange, but there is more to it. I feel so comfortable around you. I feel like you have unconditional love for me. You watch out for me and tell it to me straight. You tell me what is right and what is wrong. You want me to succeed and you want me to eat my veggies and you do your best to make sure I am happy. You’re Mom.
Mallory – Mallory! Your presence is gorgeous. If you were to look up the definition of “Good Listener” it would say “See Mallory”. Okay, that was way cheesy but you know what, it is true! You are so tender and loving.
Shelby – Shelbs, you are amazing to have around. I love when you come to life group because you share some pretty great buffalos and a lot of the things you say are very relatable to me. It is a good feeling. Being my neighbor, you also put up with Kyra and I’s early morning laughter. It takes a special person to not want to chop our heads off… 🙂
Bailey – My dear friend. I love you so much! We have been friends for many years and during these years we have watched each other grow in many ways. Between the inside jokes we have our deep talks and I neverIMG_2650.JPG want that to go away. Thank you for coming out and supporting me tonight.
Luiggi – My darling Luiggi! I will be in tears the last time we get to spend time together. You are such an amazing person who I will dearly miss when you go back home to Brazil. There is joy in your heart and it is pure. I see your face light up when you learn how to say an English word and it reminds me to find the joy in little things. I love you so much and I hope we keep in touch. Thank you for coming out to support me tonight!

Madelyn – My sweet sibling, you’re an inspiration to me. Although you are younger, you always have been much more collected than I was. You were always stronger, and more sure of things. You believed in me when I stopped believing in myself along with everything else. You never doubted me, Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.37.45 AMthough. I love you. Sisters are best friends.
Mom – Definition of never ending, always growing, ceaseless, beautiful love. I have grown so much closer to you during this last year, (ironic because I haven’t been home, but that is how it tends to go) and I couldn’t be happier. You never gave up hope on me, and you dealt with me in my sassy, obnoxious, and annoying child stages all the way up to my rebellious teenage years. And you’re still here. I love you. Sadly, my dad couldn’t make it, but I know he is proud of me. Love you dad!

As I was sitting in the chairs at UCC while I waited to see my face on the screen signaling that I was next, my heart was beating hard. I was a mixture of excited and nervous. This is a big step in my life; I was fully devoting myself to God. As an act of obedience, I wanted to show the world that I am His and He is mine.

As I was sitting in the water with Kyra while we watched my video, I was calm. I was no longer nervous; just excited. As my video finished, Kyra rubbed my back in anticipation. “Jenna, my sister, it is my honor to baptize you in the name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.” she dunked me. She lifted me up. We were laughing and hugging as we almost slipped off the tarp. We scurried into the side room where we were going to change clothes. And I heard it.

You call me out upon the waters…”

That is my song. Oceans by Hillsong. THAT. IS. MY. SONG.

I didn’t care that I was drenched.

I didn’t care that I was shivering.

I didn’t care that I had water all over my glasses and couldn’t see very well at all.

I went back out to the worship room and worshipped to my hearts content. This included sobbing my eyes out because, like I said, Oceans is my Jesus JAM. And it was played immediately after I was baptized. Coincidence?

I am personally encouraging you to follow Christ. No, I am inviting you. If you haven’t already, you’re missing out on a world of wonderful love. It doesn’t guarantee that life will be easier, no. But it does guarantee that it will be easier to cope with life. It is one thing to believe in Him, and it is another to follow Him. Let him be the guide of your life. You must listen, obey, and learn that sometimes, the answer is no.

Just going to church isn’t enough. He is jealous. He wants you to want Him to be in every aspect of your life. Its one thing to go to church and then go sin and pretend like nothing is happening, and it is another thing to let Jesus be the foundation of your life. He is in everything you do. Let Him be there.

He is life changing. Let Him change yours.

Until next time, whenever that is…



Update: I’m Busy

“You can post a blog once a week, that will be perfect.” I said. “You have enough time to write a blog a week.”

Then I realized that I do not. Believe it or not, between college, extracurriculars, my Natural Beauty Project, and having a bit of free time / relaxation time, I do not have a lot of time to sit down, open my laptop, and crank out a blog that is worth posting. Let me catch you up on everything that has been going down in my life / funny stories.

The last week of February, I went with Bailey to see our favorite band, Brick and Mortar. We saw them in June 2014 when they opened for KONGOS at the Midland, and when we saw they were going to be in Lawrence at the Granada, we decided it was not an option – we needed to go see them again. Brandon and John (the Brick and Mortar duo) are absolutely great. Not only was it awesome because they immediately knew who we were (from Twitter, Snapchat, etc) but they interacted with us while they were on stage. Brandon even hooked us up with free posters. Perks of knowing the band dudes. It was awesome. Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.37.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.37.27 PM

Some people might know this already, but your girl is writing a book! I am currently getting it edited and revised by friends and professors. I am not going to tell you all about the book because if you want to know, you’ll have to read it. 🙂 I am aiming to have it ready to be either sent in to publishers or to be self-published some point this summer.

Speaking of this summer, I am applying for paid internships all over the United States. New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Florida, literally everywhere. I want to experience places. There are so many places I haven’t been yet.

Speaking of places I haven’t been, I am seriously considering studying abroad in Australia next summer. I just think it would be such a great opportunity to study abroad and what better time to do it?

Weekends. Weekends are always fun, of course. These last 2 weekends have been very memorable.

Last weekend, Kyra and I went to Dirty Dogs, which is a bar (which admits people under 21) and a swing dancing area. I had never been before, but heard good things about it. We met our friend Andrew there, and he showed us how to swing dance. If you would have asked me “Jenna, do you think you would like swing dancing?” I would have laughed. I thought I would be the last person on the face of the earth to enjoy swing dancing to country music, but, I loved it. Am I any good, you ask? Absolutely not. I am horrible. I spin very slowly because I don’t want to get dizzy, and my hands sweat when I get dipped, making me feel like I am going to fall. I also laugh the entire time. But, I love it. Here is the weird part.

Clearly, Kyra and I are under 21, so we had black X’s on the back of our hands. We walked over to the bar to get a cup of water. We awkwardly stood around the bar, waiting for the moment we could jump in, between all these grown adult men, and ask for a water. Finally, we asked, and the bartender tossed us mini bottled-waters. “Do we need to pay for these? Or are they free?” Kyra shouted over the counter.

“That man paid for them.” The bartender explained. He pointed over into the corner at a man who looked in his mid-40s, very sweaty, and talking to a group of other grown men. “Oh… Okay, well, thank you!” Kyra shouted back to the bartender.

“Don’t thank me, thank him!” He replied. We scurried away, back over to our friend’s table.

So, long story short, I got my first drink bought for me at a bar. But it was water. And I am 18. And the man looked to be in his 40s. Kyra and I didn’t know how to react to that. A little creepy.

This weekend. Fake Patty’s Day. If you don’t know what FPD is, Google it. In a nutshell, its an excuse to get drunk from Friday night to Sunday morning with no stopping. Aggieville was packed, along with the frat houses, party houses, and apartments lining Manhattan Ave and Bluemont. People were just walking around with huge cases of beer, and it was a sea of green.

On the morning of FPD, Kyra and I went to breakfast like we would any normal day. The breakfast line was extremely long, because people decided that maybe they should eat a little bit of actual food before they drink alcohol for the next 32 hours. When breakfast was over, we walked back to our room. While walking back in our hallway, I spotted a little baggie on the floor. I walked past it, and then backpedalled. I picked it up, and it had little alien heads that looked like the alien emoji. I held it up, and showed Kyra. Ecstasy. Nice. FPD is sketchy.

I successfully avoided Aggieville all day long with a trip to Top of the World Drive with Kyra, Corrine, and Grace, to take in the beautiful view. I also did a photoshoot for my friend David Longoria that incorporated his friend’s clothing company. DSC05897

After that, I went slack lining with my friend Nick for a few hours. Slack lining is difficult. You basically have this cord that is a few inches wide that you connect to two points to make a tight-rope situation. I was able to take 6 steps after practicing for a few hours, while Nick could walk the whole length, turn around on the rope, and do it again.

That evening, I went to Aggieville with my friend Lara and in the first 5 minutes I saw someone get towed away on a Gator that was equipped with a stretcher. #FPD2015

That Sunday, Kyra and I took it upon ourselves to make the most out of the beautiful, warm, sunny weather. We got Chipotle (yum), and had a picnic on top of KS Hill. It was breathtaking, beautiful, and a reminder. In our individual lives, our problems seem so huge. They seem to impact our world SO MUCH. And of course they do, we are sensitive to our own lives and when something goes wrong, obviously we will be upset about it. But it reminded us of the big picture. That thing that happened to us a week ago, it doesn’t matter anymore. Life is bigger than the present moment. It is bigger than we process it to be. Sometimes it feels like our world is crashing down, but it isn’t. The city of Manhattan that we call home seems large to us. There are so many people here, and so many thing we have not yet done, but at the same time, it looked small from the hill. I could see everything. I was happy right there, in that building. I was so upset right over there, in that open area. But looking at it from a distance, it doesn’t look so big. And every single person we can see has their own life story. Think about your life story and how much you have to talk about. You have experiences that have built on each other your whole life. If you wrote down every single thing that has happened to you, imagine how long it would be. People would laugh. People would cry. People would be proud of you. Everyone has a story that is long, full of feelings, adventures, and experiences. It is just a neat thing to think about.

Lesson Learned

Weird things happen in college. Last night, I was playing games with some people from my dorm hall. We played Banangrams and Spot It. If you don’t know what Spot It is, its a very intense game based on reacting to matching visuals on cards. Every single card has something on it that matches and you try to put your card on someone else’s stack by matching a similar picture on both your card and the other player’s cards. It fries your brain. We were all screaming and throwing cards around yelling the matches we found. That game will definitely get your heart pumping. Around midnight, Kyra and I were getting ready to go to bed. We were both so tired and ready to just curl up and fall asleep. So we did.

At four in the morning I was woken up by Kyra crawling into bed with me. She was laughing hysterically and I was beyond confused having just woke up. “Kyra, what are you doing?” I ask her. She keeps laughing until she hits her elbow on the wall next to my bed and leans her head down extremely close to mine and burst out laughing. I give a fake laugh. I knew Kyra was sick with a cold and took some cough medicine before she went to bed. ‘She is probably sleep walking or something like that. Very drugged.’ 

I sit up in the very dim room and look over at Kyra’s bed. Kyra is sitting up in her bed looking just as confused as me. “Jenna…? Whats going on?” She asked. My brain didn’t really process what was going on. There was two Kyras?! How?! Was I hallucinating? Was this a dream? I look back at the Kyra in my bed who is now lying down in my bed with her head on my pillow and my eyes begin to adjust to the dim lighting. There was not two Kyras. There was one Kyra and she was in her bed. This was some girl from our floor who I had never spoke to in my life.

I just stare at her for a few seconds. What am I supposed to do? I couldn’t even fully comprehend what was happening. “Kyra, I have no clue.” I responded to her. The girl in my bed was now completely on my pillows and I did not have a clue what my next move was. “Brent, come back. Can I stay here with you?” She asks. Brent??? That is a guy on our floor. “What?!” I say to her. “We don’t have to tell Emma. Brent, please!”

Finally after about a minute of me staring at this girl who was lying in my bed calling me Brent, I raised my voice at her. “GET. OUT. NOW.” She looked at me. I was pretty sure her eyes were closed. “Brent, are you serious?” She asked. “Uh, YEAH. GET OUT!!!” I kept saying that as she would inch closer to the ladder on the edge of my bed, scoot closer and begin to say “Brent, wait I-” and I would just say “GET OUT.” She finally reaches the ladder and says “Come on, Brent.”

I was sure she was going to fall off my bed because my cabinet is up against my ladder and going down a ladder backwards when you have no clue what is underneath you is not the best choice. “Don’t fall.” I say as I continue to sit in my bed as she gets out. Finally, she opens my door and leaves the room.

“Jenna, WHAT just happened?” Kyra asks. I don’t even know how to respond to that. I get out of bed and stand in our room. “Jenna, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” Kyra is asking me. I was pretty freaked out but I was extremely ticked off. “What do I even do?” I asked. We talked about what I should do for a few minutes until I just walked into the hallway to tell our RA.

People in the hallway stop in their steps because I am never out of my room at 4:00AM. I tell some of the girls what happened and they had no idea what to do either. They apologized for their friend’s behavior and then insisted that they bring the girl here. “No, I just want to talk to the RA.” I said. “Hang on, just talk to her first.”

They brought her to me and she said “Oh my gosh. Were you in Brent’s room?” She asked. “No. I was in my room.”

“Were you in Chelsea’s bed?”

“No. I was in my bed in my room. You came into my room.”

“I’m so sorry. Can I get you anything? I have Captain Crunch. I have some of that. Would that help?”

This girl was clearly under the influence of something. She begged for me not to tell the RA but I eventually did. I went back to bed after that.

The next afternoon at about 12:45, I saw the girl in the bathroom. She told me she was mortified and so sorry. She told me that she thinks she was drugged because she took two shots from a frat house that were sitting unattended on a table. That is basically Rule #1 of drinking. You don’t drink unattended drinks. She was probably drugged. I told her she needed to be careful because that is dangerous for her.

Always lock your door before going to bed. Lesson learned.

My First Gig

Over winter break I was having major doubts about if I was going to stay here at Kansas State to finish the year but I knew I needed to try. I enrolled in my new classes, bought all my new books, and moved back into my dorm room with Kyra. I enrolled in Psychology, English 200, Natural Disasters, and Fundamentals of Acting and I enjoy them all. I was still unsure if I wanted to stay or leave.

I messaged one of my professors from last semester, Steve Smethers, and asked him if he would be interested in my project. Next thing I know, I am sitting in his office while he is asking me to be the guest speaker for his Mass Communications lecture. I agreed. This was something that greatly influenced my decision because I have been at Kansas State for months and my project never really took off. This project is my passion. I wanted to go somewhere that would help it flourish because although Kansas State is great, it wasn’t taking off.

I got the opportunity to speak to over 200 people about my project and I got 40 of them signed up onto my waiting list to photograph next. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Of course I was nervous at first, but the moment I stepped forward, microphone in hand, I wasn’t nervous. I loved it. I began speaking straight from my heart, telling people about my project and how much it matters to me. If you’re interested in learning more about my project, feel free to visit the website.

PIC1When I was in New York City, I left notes everywhere I could about my project. This is what the note said.

Hello, stranger! My name is Jenna. You either picked this note up off the ground somewhere on one of my stops on my trip (Detroit, Atlanta, Manhattan, Newark, or Des Moines), found it taped under a table at a local coffee shop, found it under your chair at the Tonight Show studio or tucked away in your cubby on an airplane, or maybe someone handed it to you. Either way, I am glad you’re reading it. This is just a little reminder that you are worth something and beautiful in your own way. If you don’t think you’re beautiful or attractive, look at it this way.

We (as normal humans) are extremely critical of ourselves. We can look in the mirror and immediately point out what we consider to be our flaws. But that is simply because we are so used to our bodies that we don’t see the beauty in them anymore, but that doesn’t mean that beauty isn’t there. For example, I showed people who I had never talked to before a photo of me and told them what I used to consider my flaws and they didn’t even notice them.

I personally went through a time where I didn’t feel the slightest bit comfortable in my own body and that was absolutely terrible. Clothes never look right and you feel like you don’t know how to dress yourself correctly. You want to just shy away into the corner where people aren’t looking at you because if they look at you, they’ll notice your imperfections. Feeling like this is awful and I strongly believe that nobody should go through this and that is why I created Natural Beauty Project.

Natural Beauty Project (NBP) is a photography project I started to raise awareness for self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and self-harm issues in today’s world not only in younger generations but also in every generation. I have people in their most vulnerable state of no make up and no hair fixing. Just them. And I take their photo. There is a common belief that only teenage girls struggle with these issues but that simply isn’t true. Middle schoolers can struggle with these problems just as well as parents and fully-grown adults can.

Think of it this way…flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors. There are big and impressive flowers and there are petite and gentle flowers. Some flowers have markings on them and some do not. Do you ever hear anyone bashing flowers? No. Why don’t we view people like that? Every single one is different; if we were all the same wouldn’t life be boring?

There are things that people view as imperfections such as freckles, moles, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, acne, and birthmarks, but what would we be without them? Why would people love an artwork if it were just a blank canvass? We need markings just like canvasses need theirs. These things show that we live. Some people hate smile lines. Why? Smile lines just remind us of every time we smiled. I don’t see what is so imperfect about having a good life.

My challenge to you is to accept yourself for who you are if you haven’t already. I hope this note has brought you new thoughts to chew on and maybe made you smile. If you’re interested in checking out my project I talked about, my business card is included in the envelope. You can feel free to keep this note and business card or view my project, bookmark it, follow it, whatever you’d like, and pass this envelope to someone. Drop it somewhere or personally hand it to someone. If you find this and want to give me feedback or tell me where you found it, feel free to tweet me personally @jjennabryann. I hope you think about what I’ve said today. 🙂

Sorry I am a little scatterbrained today but I wanted to write a blog post since I haven’t in a while. 🙂

New York City, Baby.

I have so much to talk about. I was going to blog every evening I was in New York but the hotel Wi-Fi was awful, and I couldn’t get enough signal to load a webpage. But now I am home in Iowa and I have so much to talk about. Grab some coffee or tea, a snuggly blanket, and park yourself in a comfortable spot because you might be here for quite a while.

Day 1 – January 3rd

Getting up at 4:00AM was actually very difficult. I knew I would be tired because I couldn’t fall asleep that night on account of my nerves and excitement about going back to New York City. My mom and I managed to be out the door by 4:40 and on our way to Des Moines International Airport. Since I have motion sickness and anxiety, I was drugged with Dramamine for every flight we took on this trip so they aren’t very memorable. I do know that when we touched down in Detroit (where we were connecting to a flight that would fly to Newark, New Jersey), we had less than 20 minutes to get to our Newark flight…and it was clear across the entire airport. We were those people sprinting in the airport and frantically trying to find out where we needed to go. Thankfully, Detroit’s airport has a very convenient AirTram system that quickly got us to our next location exactly on time. Then I fell back asleep.

When we touched down in Newark, I was pumped. It was foggy, cold, and rainy, but I still wanted to go to the city. After we checked in and got the hotel shuttle all figured out, we were driven to Newark Penn Station to catch a train to New York Penn Station which is on 31st and 7th Avenue. We decided to walk to Times Square and that walk was pretty long and wet. I really liked how the slick ground made every light reflect off of it though.

IMG_8716I took plenty of photographs and I am not going to upload them all on this blog post because that would be a little ridiculous, but I will probably upload them onto Facebook later in the week. So, we walked around Times Square and the surrounding area for a few hours. We stopped in a few Starbucks to get a drink, but we really wanted somewhere to sit and rest. Every single table was taken up in every one we went in until the Times Square Starbucks. We finally got a table and drank some hot tea and coffee and warmed up for a while. Around 5:30 we were getting hungry and we found this little place called Paris Baguette. It was DELIGHTFUL. Perched on the 3rd floor of this restaurant, we had a nice view to people watch. The sandwich was absolutely amazing and if you ever come across one of these restaurants, I highly recommend it.


After dinner, we explored a little more and then acknowledged that we were beyond the point of being exhausted from the long day (my Dramamine hadn’t worn off so if I closed my eyes for more than a blink, I was out like a light) and we decided to make the trek back to NY Penn Station to get back to the hotel. We came across Maoz Vegetarian and made the choice to get some hummus and pita for the hotel room to snack on. This choice was a very good one because the hummus and pita was to die for. Delicious. Food is awesome.

Newark Penn Station is quite interesting. You’ve got your mixture of drunks, homeless people, tourists and locals (majority being homeless people). Every hall there seemed to be at least 3 NYPD officers patrolling around which is good, but also gave me the creeps. There was a police station inside Newark Penn Station and if that doesn’t tell you the amount of messed up stuff that happens in Newark Penn Station, I don’t know what will. There were people sleeping on benches and in corners as well as people having major episodes from being screwed up on drugs. It was kind of scary, but having NYPD officers visible at all times was comforting.

We were tired. We were asleep by 8:30.

Day 2 – January 4th

It was warmer outside, still a little rainy, but better than the freezing/pouring weather the day before. We did our transit from Newark Penn Station to New York Penn Station and walked around the city. It was pretty foggy that day so it was neat to see what looked like buildings just disappear into the clouds. Central Park was quite a view as well. Here are some pictures from the second day.



(You can click most of those photos to enlarge them) (Sorry they’re kind of sloppily placed)

We accidentally almost attended Catholic Mass at St. Patricks Cathedral on Sunday morning…I wanted to take a peek inside, and they gave us a pamphlet and music started playing and I was like uh…whoops. We also saw the 5th Avenue Apple Store which was pretty cool.

Again, after a long day in the city, we crashed before 9.

Day 3 – January 5th


Okay, my mom and I spent almost the entire day at NBC studios and the Rockefeller Center. We had tickets to the taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for that day and I WAS HYPE. If you know me at all, you know I love Jimmy Fallon. I loved him on Late Night and I love him now. We got there at around 10AM and we waited around for a few hours inside the building until finally it was time to line up to confirm our tickets at around 2PM. I waited in line for probably 45 minutes. We were released and told to come back at 4PM. We did just that and then we were taken and put in a hallway to wait…and thats what we did. Finally they took us out of that hallway to wait in another line…and we did. I don’t think I have ever waited in so many lines for so long in my entire life. BUT IT WAS OKAY BECAUSE I COULD SEE JIMMY FALLON THAT EVENING.

Throughout the evening I talked to his worker who looked in his early twenties named Joe, and honestly I think he had a crush on yours truly. Not going to lie about it, he was cute. So I talked to him a little bit and he was the one who escorted me to my seat in The Tonight Show Studio. If you know how the studio is set up, the following information will be very exciting. I got an isle seat. AN ISLE SEAT. After every show, Jimmy does a lap around the audience where he runs up one isle, across the top, and down the other side. And I got an isle seat. Clearly it was my lucky day. I started crying a lot.

A man came out to warm up the crowd and he had 4 t-shirts that he threw into the audience. Guess who caught one? Me. Yep, lucky day indeed because I never get anything like that. A 30$ TSJF T-Shirt for free. I’m okay with that. Finally, after I stopped freaking out because I was having a lucky streak, the man announced Steve Higgins. Higgins is Jimmy’s side-kick/announcer/partner in comedy for the first part of the show. He came out and I realized it was going to happen very soon… I would see Jimmy.

Higgins began reciting his intro at his podium like he does at the beginning of every episode and then he goes “And here is your host! Jimmyyyyyyy FALLONNNNNN!!!!!” And the Roots (The Tonight Show band) start playing the theme song (Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!) and the big blue curtains open and out steps Jimmy Fallon. If you assumed I cried, you’re right.

At this point, this is my view. (I got this photo off Google because taking photos or even using your phone is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the studio) Jimmy Fallon

Of course I was basically hyperventilating because JIMMY FALLON IN THE FLESH! Obviously. I was dying. It was even better than I could have ever imagined seeing him would be. He is so talented and funny and genuine. He reads cue-cards, but he improvises. A lot. He is unlike anyone else. I am not going to spoil the show in case you want to go see a taping yourself, but I will tell you that after the musical guest is finished and he tells everyone goodbye, he begins his loop.

He runs to the isle on the other side of the room and suddenly I can see him more clearly and I get so nervous. I had never met a celebrity before, let alone seen one in real life. It was exhilarating. He was suddenly on the top section which went by quickly, and he was at the top of my isle. I was not far from the top, and I decided to make my move.

Everyone so far had been giving him high-fives or hand shakes…not me. I jumped into that isle and as he came closer, I reached my arms out for a hug and just kind of stood there…I probably looked pretty silly considering I am an 18 year old girl bawling like a baby with my arms held out to a famous person, but I bet he had seen worse. He got close to me and because of the lights in the studio reflecting and adding ambiance, I was pretty sure he was really an angel coming down to see me.

I stood there crying and he was right in front of me. “Of course!” He exclaimed, as in ‘Of course I will hug you!’ because I couldn’t ask, I was too shocked. He hugged me. It was a great hug, not one of those celebrity hugs where they just hug you to get it over with. He genuinely was happy to give me a great big hug. During the hug, he asked me “How are you?”

Now, I would like to tell you I kept it together and replied with one of the following…

“I’m great, the show was fantastic! You’re awesome!”

“I’m great, thank you so much for staying true to yourself and not changing just because you’re in the public eye more than before!”

“I’m great, how are you?”


I was buried in his shoulder and I said “Oh my gosh!! Thanks! I LOVE YOU!” Thanks for what though? I decided I meant thanks for the hug, being himself, the show, and everything, I guess. I was still crying and he was still hugging me. I tightened my grip on the back of his suit because wow I just love Jimmy Fallon and he just squeezed me tight and said “I love you too!”

Did you get that?

Because I didn’t and I still can’t stop repeating this entire scene over and over in my head but yet it hasn’t sunk in yet.

Jimmy let me go and smiled at me. As he proceeded down the rest of the isle, I proceeded to lose my marbles crying and shaking. People around me were like AW SO CUTE Is this the best day of your life? And I was crying too hard so I just nodded and cried some more. It really was.

After that, Jimmy disappeared into the curtain. I was his first audience hug of his 2015 year and I will never forget how it went. It was fantastic. When you watch Jimmy, you realize how humble he is. He knows he is mega famous but he doesn’t act like it. He didn’t brush me aside because he knows without the support of his fans, he wouldn’t be doing this show. I mean come on, Justin Bieber spit on his fans and Jimmy told me he loved me… idk I pick Jimmy.

They didn’t air my hug on TV because I was one of the last people Jimmy met so they had to cut it short, but that is okay because I would rather remember it from my point of view than from a TV perspective (because I would watch it over and over). I am so thankful for this experience because I probably will never be able to do it again and it was so perfect.

(As I am writing this I am snuggled up with my Tonight Show pillow and my Tonight Show coffee mug I purchased at the NBC store, by the way).

The whole trip was fantastic.

1st Semester… Check.

My first semester of college is DONE. I saw a quote today that said something along the lines of “you learn more in your first semester of college than you did 4 years of high school” and that is honestly so true. Here are 10 things I have learned so far.

1. When people say “Whatever happens in high school doesn’t matter after high school” they’re straight up spitting the truth. Honestly. Whatever clique you were in, whatever sport you played, whatever anything, it doesn’t really matter anymore unless you are playing that sport in college. Your clique will probably not go to the same college as you, and even if they do…. (see #2). People who were considered The Cool Kids in high school are literally the exact same as you now. You are both at the bottom of the food chain again and both probably failing algebra. So get off your high horse in high school and realize that it actually doesn’t matter.

2. People change when they get to college. People who you were friends with might not be your friends and people who weren’t might become your friends. Everyone is given a huge amount of freedom and there are a variety of ways to choose what you do in this time. And don’t get too attached to anyone because…

3. People come and go very frequently. Its very true. You meet people quickly, and you lose people quickly. I can tell you I have met at least 100 new people in college and I am not very close with the majority of them. I know some of them are leaving Kansas State at semester and so I probably will never see them again. There are more fish in the sea and more friendships to make.

4. Honestly, be yourself. Faking who you are will find you fake friends, just like high school. But here is the huge difference from high school to college… people won’t judge you.You could wear the weirdest outfit EVER and people might stare at you strange but they don’t talk about you. They mainly want to know why. Is there a funny story behind it? Or they relate to you and understand that college is a struggle and sometimes you just need to wear pajamas to class and bring Chipotle. They aren’t going to call you out on it. They’re just going to wish they were you. They’re going to be jealous you get to wear comfortable clothes and eat Chipotle. You also do a lot of self-growth in college. Let it happen. Let you become who you are supposed to be. Find other people who feel the same thing, and bond. Its really nice.

5. Befriend your professors. This semester I had one professor I got along with very well and that class was much more comfortable and relaxing. I felt like I could be honest with him if I didn’t understand the material and in the end it all paid off. He knew I cared about my grade in that class and he knew I was a hard worker. When we had a group project and the other members really screwed it up, he called me into his office and gave it to me as a chance to fix it so I wouldn’t fail the class. Other professors whom I didn’t really get along with had classes that made me a little uncomfortable and uneasy. I didn’t enjoy them at all. Please trust me and talk to your professors.

6. Tutoring and Office Hours. Just listen to me. I didn’t get a tutor for math because I thought I could do it. Guess who has to re-take math. This girl.

7. You can’t do everything immediately. I tried and failed. I put myself in my classes (plus homework), the newspaper, an internship, Greek life, and also wanted time for myself. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I like to put all my apples in one basket and try to do my absolute best at one task…so putting myself in multiple things was difficult impossible. I had to drop a few of those and focus on what I was there for…school.

8. If you don’t want to drink, don’t. If you don’t want to party, don’t. It’s not a huge deal. I know a few girls on my floor who party every weekend (and sometimes during the week) and once I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night because I had church in the morning and I was tired. They were applying makeup in the bathroom and said “WOAH, Jenna, are you going to sleep?!” and I said “After a little while, yes…soon.” And they said “I’m jealous.” And they left. You don’t have to party…it’s optional. There are plenty of other things to do. Plus, if you go get completely trashed and making out with random people and you put it on your snapchat story and the next morning have a snapchat of you at church with the caption ‘washing my sins away! LOL’ you’re going to look a little sketchy… Just saying.

9. Always take free things. Just do it. Free things are the greatest, I don’t care what it is. I accepted a free ‘goodie bag’ and I got a $30 gift card to a nursery (where I bought my little cactus), a 10$ gift card to Manhattan Running Co. and a few more. Always. Accept. Free. Things. Free food. Free clothes. Its lovely.

10. DO NOT post photos when you are drunk or holding alcoholic beverages. Seriously, you don’t look any cooler. And actually, it looks kind of stupid when you post photos of you trashed almost every weekend. Hate to break it to you, but nobody cares…. and don’t argue that its okay to post a photo of you at a party holding a red solo cup because ‘maybe it isn’t alcohol’…..we all know it is.

Developing Awkwardness

So I have developed a very interesting awkwardness since I have been here at Kansas State… It is not like me to be this awkward. I do not really know how to handle it. Cute boys talk to me, and I don’t know how to handle it anymore. I just get in weird situations. Yesterday I was at Varsity Donuts with Bailey and let me tell you, the inside is so cute and the donuts are so good. Like hello, do you see how cute it is on the inside? IMG_7824

Anyways, I was in there and was ordering donuts with Bailey when we saw a boy we used to know like 3 years ago. And of course, I told him I liked him and he was super weirded out by that. And we made awkward eye contact and my eyes kind of bugged out of my head…nice. Then I went to go look out the window, and another cute boy I know walks past the window and makes eye contact with me and my face is just… 0__0

And then I tell the lady who is working the shop that “All my boyfriends are just in the same place at the same time!” because she watched this awkwardness happen. Then I clarified that no, I am not dating multiple boys. Why did I even say that? Why did I think that was a good idea? The woman laughed quite hard for a little while. Ugh…

But speaking of cute shops, I have been to a few aesthetically pleasing shops recently. IMG_4896 This first photo was taken at Arrow Coffee with Kyra and it was delightful. We wooed the boys at the register with our charming personalities and made them laugh…just kidding. He chucked because we were kind of astonished at the Square app they used to have us pay…or maybe I was only astonished. I don’t know. Either way, I made the cute boy laugh.

IMG_0373   This second photo was taken at Sparrow Coffee, and it was also delightful. It was also very busy because finals week. Kyra and I enjoy visiting coffee shops and basking in the beauty of them. If I had to sum up the past week or so I would say “coffee shops, awkward encounters with cute boys, writing countless essays for my finals, and thinking about studying for my math final and then not doing it”.

Christmas shopping makes me super happy, by the way. I went Christmas shopping the other day after church and my heart was happy. I am pretty excited to be on break this Thursday and go to New York in January with my mom. And see my one and only true love, Jimmy Fallon.

I am sure there will be quite the long blog post about my break and the new adventures in Des Moines and my trip to New York. I can’t wait to write them.

Until next time…


Ups and Downs

Yeah, I kind of slacked on writing a post for a bit. Whoops. Sorry about it. Do you ever have that time in your life where you feel like your life goes from great to awful, then the next day all over again? Thats me right now. A lot of things have been going on lately, so lets just jump right in.

I had to drop Alpha Chi Omega for a number of reasons, but I really love everyone in the sorority and I really hope that I can continue to be friends with all of the girls I have became close to! Along with that, there are a number of big changes happening in my life right now. My family is moving to Iowa this weekend, and I am not sure how I feel about that. I’ve had a few days this week that were straight up emotional roller coasters, and at a few times the cart flew off the tracks, but things are getting a little more okay. Finals are coming up and I am not sure how those are going to go… lets not talk about finals…ever. But, with finals comes CHRISTMAS BREAK! We all know I love Christmas. Whats so great about this Christmas break, Jenna? I’m glad you asked.

1. I really miss home, my family, and just being able to relax. Also, I like real food. Going home for a month will be really nice. I am pretty excited to explore Des Moines with my family and see how apartment life will be with them, lets hope for the best.

2. Obviously CHRISTMAS. So pumped. See reason 4.

3. New Years! So fun. I love watching the New Years events and seeing photos of New York City with buttloads of people.

4. I booked my flights to New York and my mom is going with me! We are going to have so much fun together in my favorite place in the world. If you know anything about me, you know I love Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show. I have tickets for the show. I REPEAT. I have tickets for the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. What?? I will literally be seeing Jimmy Fallon in the flesh? I could throw up. So excited!!!!!!! Also, finally getting to meet Tom will be good. New York is going to be a lot of fun.

5. Being able to be home and not have to walk outside in the freezing December-January weather. GROSS. I like indoors. I appreciate warmth.

I don’t know how often I will post during finals or over break, but I will do my best.

Thanks for reading,


Life is Weird.

I know this is a late post, but I had a lot happening on Sunday so here I am. Life is weird. A few weird things that have happened these last few days…

The roomie, Kyra, and I went to Dollar Tree for some Christmas decorations because your girl here loves Christmas. Now, it was a pretty normal shopping spree at DT when it started… I picked out some quality decorative ribbon, garland, ornaments on a string, and a classy glitter-infested sign that reads Merry Christmas. So festive! But here is where it got really weird. 

We were in line to checkout, and there was a lady in front of us in line. She was an older woman and she pointed out a baby that was behind Kyra and I in line. This baby was wearing an adorable onesie that had mittens and a hood with some animal ears on it, if I recall correctly. We coo’ed at the baby in his/her adorable outfit, and I said “I want one!”

The woman looked at me and began telling me that her daughter had gotten pregnant at the age of 17 and it wasn’t a good idea. She went on and on about her daughter and the pregnancy, and to be honest, I have no idea what she was saying half of the time she was speaking to me. I just stared at her…trying to figure out what she was saying. It wasn’t working. She mentioned her daughter only got pregnant so she could stay away from her father or get back at her father, something like that. “The whole pregnancy, I was rolin!” What does that even mean? Rolling along, carefree? Rolling drugs? I have literally no clue. 

She would pause, expecting me to agree with what she said or maybe put in my input…wish I could tell you. But I have no idea what she was saying. I just nodded, and every so often gave Kyra a sideways glance like ‘do you have any idea what is happening right now?’ 

Finally, her husband said “Lets go, honey.” So she looked at me and said “Don’t get pregnant.” And walked out. The people around us were just pretty much stunned and not sure how to handle this extremely awkward situation. Kyra and I walked towards the register, and I couldn’t control my laughter. I wasn’t even talking about wanting a kid. I wanted a cute onesie for myself. 

The cashier boy probably thought I was a little nutty, but thats okay. I kept saying out loud “I didn’t even want a kid, I wanted the outfit!” But anyways, I got my Christmas decorations, so thats good. Five dollars well spent.

Another awkward situation Kyra and I happened to get ourselves into was Monday night workout session. We were all hyped up to go workout and be productive, so we signed up for some kickboxing stress burning/calorie burning cardio class. Sounds fun. WRONG. 

We walked into the class, and it was the room with giant windows that are facing the entrance to the rec so literally everyone who walked into the rec would be able to see us. Oh good, everyone can watch us be awkward and not know how to do any of this…awesome! So we picked spots somewhat in the middle, by no windows. Except it didn’t really matter, because there were maybe 5 other people in the class.

The class started out with a warmup. I, being sick, was coughing almost the entire time. Rough life. But the warm up consisted of every fast-paced punching, elbow swinging, upper-cutting, and swaying…what were we doing. We had no idea what to do, and it was moving so fast that we couldn’t even keep up….may I remind you that this was a WARMUP. So Kyra and I gave each other the look, nodded heads, and awkwardly walked to the cubbies, got our water bottles, and walked out.

Niceeeeeee. That’s not noticeable. We are champs.

But other than that, I am beyond pumped for Thanksgiving break. Relaxation, here I come…it will be much appreciated after being sick this past week and a half.

Also, happy birthday to Thomas Lynch. He’s honestly one of my biggest supporters. He teaches me things, he helps me keep it together, and I am so lucky to have the privilege to have him in my life. I can not wait until I can go to New York this January and spend quality time with you. 🙂 Don’t worry, I will write a wholeeeeee blog post about that trip. With lots of photos. Lots. Of. Photos.

Until next time,


P.S. Hi Nicole and Shea

November // December thoughts

This time last year, I would be beyond pumped because tomorrow we would march down 5th Avenue for the 94th Annual Veterans Day Parade. Ugh, I miss it. I can’t believe its been a year. On another note, I am super psyched but at the same time… not super looking forward to winter.

Why am I super psyched?

  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I really like Christmas
  • Hot tea
  • Cozy sweaters // jackets // socks
  • That cozy feeling you get when you’re all curled up watching an episode of ABC’s 25 Days Of Christmas episode
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas break
  • Does class get cancelled if it snows a lot? If so, put that on the list…

Why am I not looking forward to it?

  • Polar Vortex
  • Walking to class when its -12 degrees
  • Driving in the snow with my 2 wheel drive truck
  • Dry skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Getting sick (Kyra already has been coughing for like 2 weeks, so I’m next)
  • Walking to class when its -12 degrees
  • Walking to class when its -12 degrees
  • Did I mention walking to class when its -12 degrees?

Another reason I am excited?


Its not set in stone right now, but I am pretty positive at some point in January, your homegirl is going back to New York. Yep, you read that right. I’m going to see my boy Thomas Lynch and I couldn’t be more excited.

Big things coming up, everyone. I really wonder how many people read this…

Until next week,